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Regarded as the most photographed beach in Australia, Bondi was named after an aboriginal word meaning the sound of water crashing over rocks, ‘Boondi‘.


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Bondi is the closest ocean beach to the city of Sydney has usually drawn the biggest crowds locally and internationally.

Arguably Australia’s most famous beach, has always attracted large crowds. Even before most Sydneysiders owned cars the tram service brought an estimated 35,000 beachgoers daily during summer months. Bondi’s residents are primarily permanent residing in flats surrounding the beach. Additionally, Bondi attracts a majority of overseas working holidaymakers calling it home for a fair proportion of their Australian stay.

Fun Facts

The Name

Bondi Beach was named after an aboriginal meaning of ‘The sound of water crashing over rocks’, Boondee. This was later changed to Bondi.

First Surf Life Saving Club

Founded in 1906, Bondi is claimed to have the first surf life saving club in Australia. Manly, in Sydney’s North is close starting in 1911.  

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