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Australia’s oldest street and first official thoroughfare  was originally named High St and renamed George St in 1810 after King George 3 by Governor Lachlan Macquarie


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George St Sydney was the first st to be established within Australia. Starting from the present day Rocks area, through the center of Sydney’s CBD to Broadway in the south. It was first called Spring Row then Seargent Major’s Row prior to officially being named High St.

George St was constructed by dragging a log through the center of tents constructed in the area of the first settlement. This grew from a cart track to bring fresh water to the colony from the spring near the tank stream near Martin Place.

Fun Facts

First Highway

George St Sydney was not only the first road in Australia, it continued to flow onto Parramatta Rd in a westerly direction know as the Great Western Highway. The GWH, is the main thoroughfare to cross the Blue Mountains.

Light Rail

In recent years George st has undergone a major transformation with the construction of Sydney’s light rail network. Construction of this system was delayed significantly due to the unexpected challenges during construction relating the original tram networks’ infastructure. 

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