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Leura is known as the garden village in the upper Blue Mountains. A constant drawcard for tourists throughout the year with it’s shopping village attracting over a million visitors annually.


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With suggestions the name comes from an aboriginal term meaning, ‘Lava‘. Leura is arguably one of the most popular townships within the Blue Mountains region. The main street, Leura Mall is adorned with local craft shops with locally made produce and cafes serving wholesome food and some of the best coffee you’ll find in the area.

Fun Facts

Garden Festival

Held during spring, Leura hosts a garden festival where local property owners open their doors for the public to browse and enjoy their selections of cool climate flowers. Visitors have the option of purchasing a ticket to the shuttle bus service visiting each garden.


Apart from the township itself, Leura’s main attractions include, Everglades Gardens, Leura Cascades Picnic Area, Leuralla Toy Museum & Bridal Veil Falls.

Destroyed By Fire

As you exit the highway from Sydney take a look to the right near the roundabout where you’ll find the remains of the Chateau Napier which was destroyed by a bushfire in 1957 which ravaged the town.

Aboriginal Heritage

The oldest record of Aboriginal heritage dates back 22,000 years. Their culture has been passed through generations through stories art, music and dance.

A Misty Morning in Leura

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