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Located in the upper Blue Mountains 100 km west of Sydney. You’ll find The Three Sisters views from Echo Point. This is the most photographed natural landscape in Australia.

You’ll find the newly refurbished Queen Elizabeth Lookout as the best vantage point. If you don’t mind walking a little further, taking the Three Sisters Walk gets to up close and personal to the sisters with a walkway accessible giving keen bushwalkers the opportunity to venure into the Jamison Valley below.

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The Sisters Names

The girls have names, Meenhi, Wimhla & Gunedoo, named after Aboriginal Dreamtime legend where the girls were pursued by three brothers from a neighbouring tribe to marry them. They were turned to stone to prevent this by their father Tyawan as it was illegal to marry by tribal law. A huge war erupted and the father was killed in this battle and his powers too went with it. The result is no way to turn the three sisters back into their natural form.


The best time of day to photograph the three sisters is during the afternoon in golden hour with the light from the west.


The Blue Mountains Valleys are surrounded by Sandstone Escarpments formed over hundreds of millions of years. The formation of the three sisters was a result of sandstone erosion.


On a clear day, the views from Echo Point enable you to see all the way to the Southern Highlands.

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