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G’day Folks,

Let me give you some insights into this business model and what motivated the development of this Business. Dave started out in tourism driving coaches back in 2009. A big part of the job was to conduct full commentary day tours to areas like the Blue Mountains, Sydney Sights, Hunter Valley, and beyond. The driving part was relatively easy to pick up. However, the learning for commentary never stops. In some cases its not so much about your knowledge, but its being able to read a group and know when they’d prefer silence.

Conversations vs Commentary
It took a few years of learning how things worked in the day touring circuit and what made a great tour. Working with a wide array of guides, gave us first hand insights into what worked and more importantly what didn’t, such as guides who love to talk about themselves, hmm. So we got thinking, what if this were to offer a more personalised service where once you were picked up, you were on tour? Where commentary was replaced with conversation, seriously who remembers the senseless babble anyway? Sure we’ll give you the insights, but this is your day. You’re free to ask as many questions as you like, sure we’ll share our knowledge with you however in a lot of cases our clients love a good chat.

Destinations & Flexibility
Our clients have expressed the primary reason the chose us and in a word, Flexibility. You’ll get a clear understanding of what’s on offer as we offer total flexibility during your tour discussing the options available on the day and tailor it to your interests. For instance if you’re keen for a good walk in the bush we’ve got you covered, there’s more stairs than you could poke a stick at. Or for a more relaxed pace, we won’t make you work for it, we’ll keep the walks short. There’s never any pressure to leave however once you’re ready to leave a destination, we leave. Or if you wanted to spend more time, you could. You’ll also enjoy no one else talking over the top of the group or your guide, which is common on large group tours.

Perfect Solution
The perfect solution to all of the above was to offer guests a private touring experience in their own vehicle and guide. Having an interest in all things technical, the task was then to develop the concept. The decision, well, that part was easy. The solution needed a lot of development and research on so many levels. But we’re incredibly proud to say we’ve come a long way up until now, and we’ve only just begun.

When you tour with Escape Scenes, it means a great deal more than a simple booking, it’s actually creating a dream. You’re not buying a CEO another yacht, you’re supporting a family, as we are a family Business. The goal of building a successful private touring company is something we hold dear. Our guests are vital to the success of the business, and as it’s an owner-operated business, you’ll be in good hands. We conduct all of our own tours, and knowing who is going to take you adds that personal touch that isn’t always easy to find. Still not sure, just see what our clients have had to say via Tripadvisor

So thank you for stopping by. This is one place where your business is important. Therefore, if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch as it’s a family business, and we receive all your inquiries directly (no call centers).

David Edwards

Dave Edwards

Dave Edwards

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